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Tourism Licence


If you'll visit Western Carpathians/ Transylvania, Maramures or Bukovina book a flight to CLUJ-NAPOCA Avram Iancu INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT.

If you will visit Southern Transylvania then Sibiu International Airport or Targu Mures International Airport may be your options.

We may provide for extra any transfer from airport to your first accommodation if is needed.

If you will visit Southern Carpathians then a flight to Bucharest will be best option.

We may provide the private transfer by car from Bucharest Otopeni International Airport to Brasov, Sinaia, Rasnov, Moeciu or any other first destination to start your trip in Romania.

 If you will visit West- East- North and South Romania we will analize together best option to start the trip acording with your best flight. Any trip may be customised.


Combinations:plane to Budapest + train to Cluj-Napoca or Huedin

There are trains departing the airport Ferihegy (arrival Huedin or cluj-Napoca). (We may provide  for exara the transfer Huedin or Cluj-Napoca to any first guesthouse).

Hungary Train connections: see at

 Back to Budapest: train leaving Huedin or Cluj-Napoca to Budapest.

 The trains depart/arrive at new trainstation at Budapest Ferihegy airport terminal 1 and you have to

 change trains in Szolnok, time between trains is somewhere between 20 and 30 minutes).

 One remark here, it seems that the people at the info-stands in the airport offer conflicting information and don't tell the travellers that there is a train directly from the airport (from Ferihegy).

 Most likely there is some dirty business here with the taxi drivers and minibus shuttles. If you enter the MAV website and enter Ferihegy, you'll see clearly that there are trains from the airport.


Internal transfers by cars, busses, trains; all info about routes, operators and prices:

By train from Budapest or Europe:

 International train Budapest - Oradea - Huedin - Cluj Napoca 

 International train Budapest – Brasov. There area few trains a day, trip takes about 12 hours.

 Trains info:

Romanian trains, all connections and info here:

 Majority regular airlines to Cluj-Napoca are low cost. 

 All flight operators here:

 LOT, Wizz Air, Blue Air, Vueling, Tarom, Corendon,, Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines, ASL Airlines Switzerland.


 Getting at the starting place of your trip and back again.

 Direct flights to Cluj-Napoca and back.

 All Cluj-Napoca flights are here:

 Most interesting airport for all trips in Transylvania: Cluj-Napoca. (train connection to Maramures and Sibiu or Brasov ), bus connection to Aries trips, by train or car to Gilau and Vladeasa Mountains or Apuseni Mountains in Western Crapathians.

 Bucharest for Brasov or Saxon villages trip, eventually also Sibiu.

 Plane: there are now cheap flights from almost anywhere in Europe to Romania.

 Cluj-Napoca International Airport - Direct Flights:

 Vienna- Austria

 Charleroi, Belgium

 Larnaca, Ciprus

 Billund, Denmark

 Bassel Mulhouse Freiburg, Switzerland

 Eindhoven Netherlands

 Warsaw, Poland

 Malmo, Sweden

 Beauvais, France

 Nisa, France

 Berlin, Germany

 Dortmund, Germany

 Frankfurt, Germany

 Hamburg, Germany

 Karslsruhe/ Baden-Baden, Germany

 Koln, Germany

 Memmingen, Germany

 Munich, Germany

 Nuremberg, Germany

 Tel Aviv, Israel

 Bari, Italy, Italy

 Bergamo, Italy

 Bologna, Italy

 Rome, Italy

 Treviso, Italy

 Dublin, Ireland

 Birmingham, Great Britain

 Doncaster/ Sheffield, Great Britain

 Liverpool, Great Britain

 Luton, Great Britain

 Alicante, Spain

 Barcelona, Spain

 Madrid, Sapin

 Malaga, Spain

 Palma de Mallorca, Spain

 Valencia, Spain

 Zaragoza, Spain

 Istanbul, Turkey

 Budapest, Hungary

 Dubai,  United Arab Emirates


Cluj-Napoca Internal Flights to Bucharest - Otopeni, Constanta, Timisoara, Iasi.

In other cases you still have to combine flights. Romania is very well connected with Italy, Spain,

Germany, France as many Romanians work there. Sometimes you can combine 2 low cost flights and

end up with a good price.

Public transport: All trips can be reached by public transport. But as distances are long and traffic slow,

you might need to stay an extra night in the beginning or at the end of your trip. Train tickets can now

be reserved 1 month in advance, bus tickets not at all, a few days before departure you may call. Trains and buss tickets may be booked from train/ bus staions 1 hour before departure.


 Info at:

 Apply for a visa:

 Conditions of entry in Romania

 Countries the nationals of which are not obliged to obtain a short-stay visa in order to travel to Romania

 Countries the nationals of which must obtain a visa in order to travel to Romania

 Types of visas and the purpose of your trip to Romania



 Almost all the main roads are upgraded and there are plenty of fuel stations or other services. There is everywhere unleaded fuel and LPG filling stations start to appear also outside the big towns. 

 The mobile phone network covers virtually the whole country.

 In almost all towns you'll find Wi-Fi.

 Book a phone card from "Vodafone" or "Orange" for a local number for 5 Euro and you will have Internet connection too.

 In all the bigger towns are plenty ATM's and you can change your traveler cheques in most banks.

 Cash money can be changed in most banks or at the exchange offices (Casa de Schimb - or Schimb Valutar). The exchange offices are safe and offer often better rates then the bank. Never change on the street.