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Customised trips in a budget.
Customised trips for you.
Customised trips in a budget.
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Customised trips in a budget.
BOOK NOW for 2019!
BOOK NOW for 2019!
BOOK NOW for 2019!
BOOK NOW for 2019!
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BOOK NOW for 2019!
Customised trips in a budget.
BOOK NOW for 2019!
BOOK NOW for 2019!
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  • customised guided trip
  • We offer special programs about the fantastic nature, fauna and flora from the Apuseni Mountains.

We prepare your active holiday in Romania with our specialised guides: geographers, biologists, forestry guards, professors, students from the University of Cluj and members of clubs who will guide you to the most beautiful places of the mountains.

They are all specialized in their work field and will give you all the information about the animals, plants or geologic structures from the Apuseni Mountains. There are possibilities to see bears (spring), all kind of deer, may be wolf (winter) or lynx and many others. Spring is the best season to make pictures in the splendid nature reserve Cheile Turzii or Scarita Belioara.

There are hundreds of caves in the Apuseni Mountains and fantastic opportunities to make splendid pictures underground as well.

The Apuseni Mountains count numerous endemic plants.
There are many ways to make a photo safari and we let it up to you to decide what you want to have included in the program or not.

We've included a special page about the Apuseni Mountains and Apuseni Nature Reserve: click here

Prince Charles promotes Romania! Wach the film about the WILD LIFE in The Carpathian Mountains

Other subject can be authentic houses and villages, the people, historical sites, folklore, birds in the Danube Delta.

Transport can be organized by off road vehicles or by car or minibus.

Further information about the nature reserves in the Apuseni Mountains you find in our program: "Hiking Trip in the Padis Nature Reserve area Apuseni Mountains" from the Western Carpathians. Click here 

Discover our unspoiled and surprisingly landscape! Book your holiday in Transylvania, Romania!


pro day, pro person:

accommodation in guestrooms: app. 95 Euro/ day (minimum 2 persons) (half board)

Accommodation in hotel rooms: app 98-130 Euro/ day (minimum 2 persons) (bed and breakfast) This is an average price for a 3 star hotel, depending your choice of program we will give you a few options.

Price includes accommodation for you and specialised english speaking guide + accommodation and food for the guide too.
Transport is not included. If the group is biger than 2 tourists the price pro person will be recalculated and the guide's costs will be splited on all participants.

How to get there:

(for links to airliners etc, click here)

Direct flights from London Luton, Paris-Beauvais and Dortmund to Cluj Napoca with Wizz Air.
There are also direct flights between Paris-Beauvais and Rome and Cluj Napoca. (Blue Air).
Lufthansa operates a direct flight between Munchen and Cluj-Napoca.


Flights to Budapest (regular airlines and low-cost) and train to Cluj -Napoca: there are trains departing the airport Ferihegy at 08.43 (arrival Cluj-Napoca at 16.40) and 13.43 (arrival Cluj Napoca at 21.33). Train connections: see at

Back: train leaving Cluj-Napoca at 06.23 arrives at 12.16 and train leaving Cluj-Napoca at 10.29 arrives 16.16. at the airport. (The trains depart at new trainstation at airport terminal 1 and you have to change trains in Szolnok, time between trains is somewhere between 20 and 30 minutes).