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Customised trips in a budget.
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BOOK NOW for 2019!
Customised trips in a budget.
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BOOK NOW for 2019!
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Customised trips in a budget.
Customised trips in a budget.
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BOOK NOW for 2019!
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  • dates free to choose for groups from 4 persons and more
  • the trip may be customised

People who love horses and the outdoors will find in this trip all what they need. We prepared a roundtrip in group by horse through the Apuseni Mountains. The Apuseni Mountains with its hundreds of kilometers of forestry tracks, country roads and wide open meadows are the ideal place to ride horses. There is hardly any traffic and the local population is eager to welcome tourists. You make daily trips of 4-6 hours. The trip is in Apuseni Nature Reserve and surroundings.


Accommodation is provided in guestrooms and mountain cabins, some with private, some with shared bathrooms. The meals are included and you have continental breakfast, lunch packet. In the evening a warm typical regional dinner will be served. At noon, lunch is served along the trail. Your luggage and all the other equipment will be transported to each location. One or 2 guides will assist the group during the trip, depending the size of the group. You don't have to be a specialist in horse back riding, but experience is required, especially because a 10 day trip is physically hard for the back and muscles in the legs.

We've included a special page about the Apuseni Mountains: click here 


Your trip starts at the village Kalotaszeg area, Tara Calatei, (a hilly reagion near Huedin) and goes right through the Apuseni Mountains over the Muntele Mare - Gilau Mountains with Vladeasa Peak to Apusei Nature Reserve. The trails go along forestry tracks, over large open meadows and country roads. You'll pass and stay in typical Romanian and ethic Hungarian villages.

On the lower hills (between 3 and 600m altitude), you find large meadows, agriculture fields and small patches of forest. The region is open to everyone and this makes it an ideal area for horse back riding. The mountains, between 600 and 1400m offer a more spectacular landscape, large areas are covered with forest, but the riding is often limited to the trails and tracks. But you'll enjoy spectacular views, lovely mountain rivers in a wild superb nature.

You ride on Hutsul horses and mixed breed Lipizaner horses. The horses are very calm and gentle and have a remarkable endurance. We provide the horse, the saddle and special bags for luggage transport.


Discover the inspiring story of Transylvania! Green Mountain is a great active holiday destination!



You will ride every day approximative 5-6 hours/ Distance 25km. We provide: saddle, horse, guide, special bags for luggage transfer, accomodations in full board with breakfast, lunch packet, warm dinner with soup, main meal and desert. Accomodations in guestrooms in traditional farms, guesthouses or mountain cabins some with private bathroom some with comune bathrooms.

The Program may be customised as guided trip for 2-3 riders/ group. The price will be recalculated.



10 DAY PROGRAM: The Nature Reserve trail.

10 days, 9 nights, 8 days riding.  

DAY 1: Arrival and introduction in Kalotaszeg area/ Tara Calatei. Dinner included.

DAY 2: Instructions and trip under guidance in the surroundings of Kalotaszeg area/ Tara Calatei. Full board.

DAY 3: Trip to Rachitele. Trip along wagon-trails, open pasture and country roads. Riding trip to village Rachitele situated at the Apuseni Nature Reserve border.  Full board.

DAY 4: Trip to Padis Apuseni Nature Reserve. Full board.

DAY 5: Round trip to explore deeply the Padis Apuseni Nature Reserve. Full board.

DAY 6: Trip to Bihor Mountains, Padis Apuseni Nature Reserve area. Full board.

DAY 7Trip to Dealu Botii. It is a nice trip over dirt roads, open pasture and through the forest with nice panoramas over the Lake Fintinele.  Full board.

DAY 8Trip to Margau. From there it goes to the Ruginoasa hill and you descend to the village Margau where you stay for the night in traditional guestrooms. Full board.

DAY 9: Trip to Sancraiu. It goes back over the Ruginoasa hill, with a descend over a large open pasture with beautiful views over the Calata Valley. From Margau it goes to Bociu and further to Sancraiu. The last part of the trip goes over immense pastures through a strange eroded landscape. Again a trip through the Kalotaszeg region, lots of open grassland, wagon tracks and scattered forest. Full board. Night in Kalotaszeg guesthouse again.

DAY 10: Trip ends after breakfast

Romanian breed, coming from the Bucovina region, near the Ukrainian border.
The Hutsul was already in the 17th century mentioned in written documents.
It is a relative small but robust horse. Height between 139 and 151cm.
Weight between 380-420kg.
Color: dark red-brown, chestnut, black or gray.
Character: very easy going, lively and with lots of energy.
The horse is strong and especially adopted for mountain regions. It isn't fussy about food and resists all types of weather

Other horses are mixed breed, with dominant Lipizaner blood.

Book now your horse back riding trip in the Romanian Carpathian Mountains!


10 day program (9 nights - 8 riding days)

1286 Euro pro person/minimum 4 persons in group. We can customise the trip for 2 or 3 people too. Single room occupancy tax = 110 Euro/ trip.

Price includes accommodation in full board, guiding (English speaking guide), horses and equipment, special bags for luggage transport.

Discover the wild Transylvania and the unspoiled landscape of Carpathian Mountains with our Green Mountain Horse Back Riding active holiday program. 

We have no fences, it is one of our great advantage. Let your spirit to enjoy the freedom in Transylvania, Romania! 


How to get there:

(for links to airliners etc, click here)

Direct flights from London- Luton, Paris- Beauvais, Tel-Aviv and Dortmund to Cluj-Napoca with Wizz Air.

Lufthansa operates a direct flight between Munchen and Cluj-Napoca.

We arrange further transport between Cluj-Napoca to first accomodation.


Flights to Budapest (regular airlines and low-cost) and train to Huedin: there are trains departing the airport Ferihegy at 08.43 (arrival Huedin at 15.47) and 13.43 (arrival Huedin at 20.39)

(The trains depart at new trainstation at airport terminal 1 and you have to change trains in Szolnok, time between trains is somewhere between 20 and 30 minutes).

Train connections: see at

We provide extra transport between Huedin to first accomodation.

Back to Cluj-Napoca: we arrange transfer by private car between last accomodation to Cluj- Napoca city or Cluj- Napoca International Airport.

There are minimum 10 trains between Huedin to Cluj-Napoca daily.

Back to Budapest: train leaving Huedin at 07.16 arrives at 12.16 and train leaving Huedin 11.24 arrives 16.16 at the airport